Time to Reflect and Recharge: The Gap Year for Adults

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It’s not uncommon for college graduates to take a gap year after they leave school as a time to travel, explore, and broaden their horizons before jumping into the next stage of their lives.

Now, they’re not the only ones taking this opportunity to recharge and prepare themselves for their next steps.

Individuals at the midlife stage, after selling a business or stepping away from a career, are following suit. Taking a break at this point “symbolically acknowledges that this chapter of my life is concluding and I’m in a period of transition,” explains Susan Massenzio, Ph.D., Senior Consultant with Abbot Downing.

It can also be the perfect opportunity to reflect and prepare for the next stage. In fact, on average, the 9 million people between ages 44 and 70 who are involved in encore careers started thinking about these new opportunities at age 50 and took 18 months to make the transition, according to a2012 study  by the MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures.

Whether you want to get ready for a new line of work, pursue another passion, or just figure out what activities you want to achieve in retirement, preparation is key, so these gap years can be critical planning times. Here, specialists lay out the steps to take for a satisfying, successful gap year.

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December 22, 2014
Wells Fargo Conversations
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