Six Tips for Traveling with Credit Cards

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Six Tips for Traveling With Credit Cards

In some ways, credit cards make traveling abroad easier than ever. With plastic in hand, you won’t have to deal with pesky traveler’s checks or carry wads of cash to exchange. If you want to track purchases, simply log in to check your online accounts from nearly anywhere on the globe.

But with ease of travel comes a number of reasons to be cautious, especially when traveling with credit cards. Here are six ways to prepare the plastic in your wallet for a trip abroad.

Call Ahead

“Our primary tip is for our customers to contact us in advance of any travel outside of the United States,” says Paul Hartwick, spokesman for JPMorgan Chase. If you don’t, the company could put a hold on your card when you try to use it in a different place. When customers call the credit card company ahead of time, “we can make a notation on their account and they can continue to use their cards as they always do,” he says.

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March 07, 2012
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