Pizza Experts Weigh in on Creating a Disaster Preparedness Plan

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Whether it’s a hurricane that pounds a coastal region, a fire that destroys an entire city block or a snowstorm that shuts down the town for a week, no one likes to think of potential disasters that could close restaurant doors for several days –– or even weeks. Yet failing to prepare for the unexpected can have devastating results. “Often the true disaster is what happens to the business after the event, simply because of the lack of planning,” says Alan Guinn, managing director and CEO of The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc., in Bristol, Tennessee. Fortunately, laying the groundwork now to make sure the pies keep coming after the storm doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Here, experts weigh in with guidelines to create a well-prepared pizzeria –– before disaster strikes.

First, know your risks. Record-breaking natural disasters, such as catastrophic tornadoes and shattering earthquakes, tend to be rare. Many smaller-scale events, however, can still do considerable damage. Power outages can wreak havoc on freezers and coolers, fires can destroy valuable financial records, and a few inches of water can trigger the loss of tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

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May 31, 2013
Pizza Today
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