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Mexico: The land of purple flowers, loud mariachi bands, and fresh tortillas. Over the years, it has drawn more than a million Americans to settle among its people. What brings these expats south of the border and what makes them stay? Is it just cheap living, a sense of adventure, a curiosity of other cultures, or a little of all of the above? The answer, like most things in life, is complex. While their reasons vary, the vast majority of expats living in Mexico will agree on this: They love it and don’t want to leave!

Why Expats Come

Expats tend to settle all over Mexico, from coast to coast and everywhere in between. Mexico’s diverse topography includes beaches, mountains, lakes, deserts, and even jungles. Needless to say, there’s something for everyone within its borders. While some congregate in areas with thousands of other expats nearby, others find homes in towns with very low gringo populations.

The Lake Chapala area, in central Mexico, draws many retirees each year. Surrounded by mountains, it is Mexico’s largest lake. And it is just 30 miles south of Guadalajara, one of the country’s major cities. This area, which includes the town of Ajijic on the lake’s northern shore, has been a popular artist and expat destination for years. The Lake Chapala Society, a volunteer organization in the region, consists of over 3,700 members from more than 24 different countries.

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