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God’s Word invites us to “cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” So we pray and also teach our children to pray.

“Dear God, please bless my family, and please help Nut’s sickies get better soon.”

My four-year-old, dressed in footed pajamas, hands clasped together, gazed at the line of stuffed animals on her bed. She always arranged the animals by families near her pillow before getting tucked in. Now, with all of the brothers, sisters, and cousins in place, her bedtime prayer reflected the activities that had taken place that afternoon. “Nut is sick,” she had told me, cradling the stuffed bear.

I looked at Nut, now delicately resting against Trinity’s pillow. Small and red, Nut had started out as a gift. I had given him to Trinity for Valentine’s Day just a few months earlier. Upon receiving it, the bear had become a staple in her imaginary world. He quickly moved up the ranks too. Within days, Trinity announced Nut was a cousin to her most treasured stuffed animal: a lion named Boy.

Nut and Boy went on adventures during the day, often hopping on airplanes to visit faraway relatives. On Sundays, they attended church with us. On long trips, they were the first toys Trinity placed in the backpack to take along.

Now, just a few days after Trinity had recovered from being sick, Nut had fallen ill. His disease must have been on her mind at our nightly devotion and prayer routine. When it was time for Trinity to pray, she asked God to heal Nut.

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June 2013
Forward in Christ
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