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After his parents refused to have an abortion, Quinton Corwin grew to be an eager member of God’s family.

If you peeked into a classroom at St. Paul Lutheran School, Plymouth, Neb., recently, you may have spotted him. You might have found him reading his Bible, talking with classmates at recess, or playing a hymn on the piano. Perhaps you may have seen him assisting a younger student in the preschool room.

Meet Quinton Corwin. At 14 years old, his days are full. “He is always willing to help out whenever he has the opportunity,” says Tom Plitzuweit, principal and upper-grade teacher at St. Paul’s.

While Quinton leads an active life now, years ago, doctors weren’t sure he would even survive. Before he was born, they told his mother that his brain was mostly filled with water. They also diagnosed him with spina bifida and suggested an abortion.

The beginning

Quinton’s parents, James and Brenda Corwin, were married in 1997. Two years later, concerned it would be difficult for them to have children, James and Brenda consulted a fertility specialist. Before undergoing any treatments, however, they learned they were expecting.

The Corwins stayed with the specialist until Brenda was 12 weeks pregnant. Then they began seeing another doctor. This doctor suggested testing for indications of conditions such as Down’s syndrome or spina bifida. The Corwins, who were living in Crystal Lake, a suburb of Chicago, agreed. The results would determine at which hospital the baby would be delivered.

After the testing, the Corwins were told things didn’t look quite right. Another ultrasound was scheduled.

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July 2014
Forward in Christ
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