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A mother tells of the blessings that flowed when she opted not to end her pregnancy.

“He called my baby a monster,” says Jeanie Burness. “He told me, ‘Get an abortion—do it now. Do it while you can.’ ”

At the time, Burness’ doctor and medical team believed her unborn child had a severe, fatal defect. An ultrasound taken when Burness was four months pregnant had revealed a sac protruding from the baby’s head. “They were convinced his brain would go into that sac and that he would die shortly after I gave birth,” Burness recalls.

The diagnosis

When she became pregnant in 2006, Burness was married and had a ten-year-old daughter. Burness scheduled a doctor’s appointment to begin monitoring her pregnancy.

Burness was 36 years old and knew that the risks for a woman her age carrying a baby were higher than they would be for a younger person. Sitting in the doctor’s office, she learned that some of the difficulties she might encounter included preterm birth and having a child with chromosome abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome.

Due to the increased number of risks Burness faced, her doctor advised her to have an in-depth, or targeted, ultrasound exam.

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January 2014
Faith in Christ
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