5 Ways to Save on Airline Tickets

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As airlines tack on more fees, saving money on airline tickets may appear to be a mere wish. But even with all the added costs of flying, there are still deals to be had; you just need to know where to look and when to travel. Researching before you book your next vacation or plane ticket can save you the added headache — and the added costs — of your next flight.

Read on and get ready to book those airline tickets to wherever your travels will take you — for less than what you’d expect.

Airfares are generally lower during the shoulder season — the period of time between high and low season, says Nicole Hockin, author of TravelSmartBlog.com.

Any season can be a shoulder season, depending on your destination. Europe’s high season lasts from May through September. But head to London in October and you’ll enjoy fewer crowds, comfortable temperatures and cheaper airline ticket prices. The Caribbean and Mexico have great weather in late April and May, but prices for flights drop during these months as they fall after spring break and before summer vacation.

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